US Online Casinos That Fight Hard For Legislation

Online gambling in the U.S. is open to various interpretations since a decision by the appeals court in 2002. In November of that year, the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Wire Act prohibited the electronic transmission of betting information. telecommunications lines. However, it also stated a first instance decision that the Wire Act does not prohibit Internet gambling. This saved US online casinos from stopping operations, but only temporarily.

In 2006, before postponing the midterm elections, both houses of Congress passed an amendment to an unrelated project, the SAFE Port Act, which made transactions by banks or institutions similar to online gambling sites illegal. Signed in law in October 2006 by President George W. Bush, the law has had the effect of causing numerous online gambling operators to suspend real money gambling for US customers.

The legalization of online gambling in the US has been a constant battle ever since. In the United States, some states have seriously considered passing interstate gambling laws, which would allow online gaming only within those states. In November 2010, New Jersey became the first state to pass an intra-state gambling law through the two houses of its state legislature. So far, it awaits the signature of the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

The New Jersey account is unique among state online or Internet gambling laws, not only because it is the first to be passed, but because it allows players from other countries, but not from other US states, to participate in betting sites state online. Internet gambling operators in New Jersey must have licensed casino operators in Atlantic City, and all equipment used to play Internet games must be located in casinos in Atlantic City or other safe locations in Atlantic City.

What does New Jersey law mean for US online casino operations? At the moment, not much. However, it sends the strong signal that clarifying the legality of online gambling in the US is on many people’s minds. US online gambling enthusiasts, who have had to take very labyrinthine measures to ensure they handle money legally, are strong supporters of national legislation, as are some Congressional representatives and many land-based casinos.

The arguments for making online gambling clearly legal in the U.S. football prediction are also reinforced by the huge tax revenues that could be obtained under this legislation – a very attractive source of revenue in an economy where the federal government is currently running huge deficits.

Currently, US online casino enthusiasts concerned about the numerous international sites that have closed to US players need to use independent money transfer companies to fund their online games. The most important online casinos have clear instructions on how to do this, and many of them are open to players in the USA.

The players themselves have little to fear from the US online gambling laws (or the lack of them). US lawyers have admitted that placing bets online is not against federal law. Sometimes, it can conflict with state laws, but even in these cases the processes are never carried out.