Casino Rules and Regulations

It is illegal to solicit, accept, or receive any tip, gratuity or consideration from any customer or player in a casino.

– An employee of the casino may not advise a player on how to play except to make sure that they comply with these rules.

Unless requested by a player or spectator, no player or spectator may influence or offer advice to a player about their play.

Side batches between players and spectators are strictly forbidden Online casino malaysia.

– A seated player who doesn’t place wagers during three consecutive rounds of play while all the other seats are being used may have to be removed from their seats.

– From time to time, the casino operator may reserve one or more gaming tables:

(a) Private use of an individual/group of individuals;

(b) The purpose of a promotion, tournament, or other event.

– A sign designating the table as a private table must be posted on any table that is not open to the public.

A casino operator can close a gaming table while it is open. This will be done by posting a sign indicating the closing time at the table and the date. This rule is only applicable during hours that the casino may be open.

– The Casino operator must set the minimum and maximum bet limits for each gaming table. This is subject to any direction from the Authority

A sign must be posted at each table indicating the minimum and maximum wager limits. Except as stated on the sign wagers may not be placed in excess of the minimum.


(a) The sign that indicates the new limit/limits and the proposed time for change must have been visible at the table at least 20 minutes prior to the time of the change.

(b) All the players at the table accept the change;

(c) A table is being opened to gaming for the first-time in a gaming day;

(d) No gaming activity is taking place at the table.

– A casino operator may allow players to wager more than the maximum table wager limit provided they place a sign indicating the minimum and maximum wager limits on the appropriate table area.

-No wager shall ever be accepted or made in connection to any game that:

(a) A wager is against the game’s rules; or

(b) The wager is not within the wager limits applicable to the player placing the wager. This can be indicated on the sign in accordance with the rules.

c) A partnership between players has been formed with the intention of exceeding any maximum bet limit;

(d) The wager is not in compliance with the specified wager level applicable to the player placing the wager as well as the rules of play.

All wagers placed with a casino operators shall be paid, taken, or disposed off by the operator in strict accordance with the applicable regulations. The rules will govern and determine a player’s entitlements to winnings, regardless of any overpayment made by the casino operator. The casino operator may recover such an overpayment.

Unless the rules or procedures allow for payment in other ways, the casino operator must ensure that winning wages are paid out in chips.

– The payment of winnings by other than chips is allowed subject to any approved rule or procedure. In cases where chips are not available, the winnings will be paid in the highest amount possible in chips.

– The players are responsible for collecting winnings and placing wagers.